Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 2 - Monday 1/24/11

Day 2
Breakfast: Chunk of cheddar cheese and a cup of beet soup for breakfast;
Lunch: leftover very low carb chicken parm, spinach salad blue cheese dressing, 1/4 cup tuna salad made with mayo and sour cream, one hard boiled egg, seltzer water;
Dinner: ??
By the end of the work day, I had gotten in about 6 glasses of water, 1 cup of decaf orange flavored tea (plain), and 1 can of seltzer water. 
Multi-v, co-enzyme Q10, psyllium husks, fish oil
I had a hard time getting these huge pills down.  Even though I took them after eating some cheese, my stomach felt off for a while.  Cup of tea and some soup helped. 
Today, I had wanted to wake up earlier, make breakfast and get some exercise in, but was not able to get out of bed early enough.  My back was twitchy last night, and I took a muscle relaxer and ibuprofen, which made my dopey this morning.  The plan is to exercise when I get home from work. 
As noted, the vitamins were tough this morning.  I felt a little like I was going to puke.  Drank 2 huge glasses of water to try and get them down okay.  Not a good thing.  I am going to see about spreading them out throughout the day. 
Feel a little constipated, which is surprising considering all of the high-fiber veggies I'm eating and the psyllium husks and the water. 
I want to make some breakfast items ahead of time so that the preparation time is short in the mornings, otherwise I don't think I'm going to last.  Also, this diet clearly requires some forethought in the menu planning area generally. 
Told the girls at lunch today that I'm trying this low carb, high protein thing.  Probably should have kept my mouth shut :)
Found the Neris & India webpage today and signed up for that: google "pig2twig" and you'll find it to.
Not hungry.  Crave carbs already...probably not a good sign ;)
Pork chops for dinner, I think.
Sticking to it. 

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