Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 8 - End of Week 1 - Weigh In

So, today was Day 8, the end of Week 1 of Phase 1, and boy, was it a crazy week! Being sick occupied 2 full days, at least. I'm thinking that being sick probably made it so that I didn't want to eat - maybe it boosted my ability to avoid problematic, carby foods... Who knows? Looking back at my posts in the earlier part of the week, it seems that I definitely had a zest for food.

I weighed in this morning, after going to the bathroom 3 times (ugh, the remnants of the stomach bug). This morning's total weight was 225.5. That is 6 pounds lost this week, and 6 pounds lost total. That is without doing a lick of exercise. I am going to incorporate exercise in Week 2 and see if it amplifies the weight loss. Hopefully it will :)

I haven't noticed any change in how my clothes fit yet, and I feel a bit bloated about the middle. I wish that I had gotten my act together and measured myself, as India and Neris advise.
I'm going to get that measuring tape today, and start doing measurements on weigh in day, so that I can keep track.

How do I feel:

Full all of the time with no desire to eat. Almost uncomfortably full. No cravings at the moment. Yesterday we went to Stew Leonards to grocery shop, and I managed to avoid all of the carby samples without any trouble, even as my child munched them right in front of my face.

Number 2
Well, today, I'm definitely, uh, looser, than most people seem to be at this part of the diet. I attribute that to the stomach bug screwing with my intestines. This morning was gross, like someone waved a magic wand and proclaimed: "you shall expel everything you ate on Day 7, NOW!" It was gross, but I have to tell you, felt good since yesterday I was sickly full and waiting, somewhat desperately, to go (although not constipated). Bizarro.

The "flu-ish" day
India and Neris identify a period in the first week of Phase 1 (that would be my last week), where you feel like you have the flu, and you're listless and gross. They attribute it to carb detox. I may have hit that point last night into today. I felt gross-ish yesterday (as described), and very tired and achy in the afternoon. When we came back from Stew's at about 4, I just wanted to go right to bed and sleep, which is not normal for me. I ended up taking a benadryl last night, because I was having some kind of skin reaction to something. Today, I couldn't get up at all. I slept to 10 a.m., which I haven't done since my college days. I still feel a little dopey. Maybe its the benadryl, althought, I've taken a lot of benadryl in my time and never had a reaction. I think I'm just going through the "flu-ish" stage. Hopefully its done soon. I&N said that you just have to push through it, and you'll feel fab.

I am glad that I lost 7 pounds, I'm just bothered that I don't feel any lighter. I think I'm still waiting to, uh, vacate some stuff (see, number 2, above)

I'm going to go back and skim through I&N's book tonight and refocus for the coming week.

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