Monday, July 2, 2012

Your Unique DNA Signature

Today, on Living Social, you can buy a deal for a "DNA Self Discovery Kit" from ConnectMyDNA for $29, which will compare your genetic markers with living population groups around the globe.  It is cool, cool stuff, and can give you some insight into where your predecessors came from.  

Why is DNA Self Discovery relevant to you, and what are haplogroups and haplotypes?  Check out these links for more information:

First, there have been a number of scientific studies which have investigated the relationship with certain haplogroups and type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity (check the Google results here).  Note: this test does not promise to give you results that you can take to the doctor!

Second, there is discussion in the primal/paleo community regarding whether you should eat primal/paleo according to your haplogroup, i.e., eating as if you were a paleolithic European because your haplotype demonstrates that your people were from Europe, as opposed to eating foods that may have been available to paleolithic populations in Africa or Asia 40K years ago, because your haplotype demonstrates that your people were from Africa.  

Something to think about!  For $29, why not give it a whirl?

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