Thursday, February 24, 2011

2/23/11 "hard days night" - 2/24/11 "day of rest!!"

OMG, another long night with a ton of pressure and a small measure of disappointment at the result of all my efforts. City politics, why do I bother with you? All you do is fill me with frustration, anger, and disappointment that most of my fellow politicians are unethical, and care more about power, reelection, and saving face (the big THREE) than they do about getting the job done and being candid with the populace about the state of our municipality and the way that our administration is being run. They are mostly motivated by fear and greed. It turns my stomach (contributing to lack of appetite, making it easier to diet...maybe there is something positive to this??)...

The diet it going well. Yesterday, I had a massive salad for lunch with a side of barbequed chicken breast, which didn't seem to saucy, and a couple of deviled eggs (yummo). For dinner, after the meeting from hell, I had some buffalo wings and celery sticks (my go to, low carb choice for when I don't cook). I enjoyed that with a small glass of white wine. I remained in ketosis when I checked in yesterday morning and before bed. This morning, 2/24, I am still in ketosis. So, maybe an occasional small glass of wine is acceptable, considering, of course, what else I've thrown down my gullet that day.

Tonight, I'm just chilling out. I have to do some grocery shopping, and I'm going to see about going to the gym after Anna is in bed. That's the plan. I think some exercise is called for.

Once again, proud of myself for arising at 6 a.m. and getting into work at 7:30. I'm not as productive as I want to be yet, but I am establishing the habits that will lead to productivity. That's the plan.

I am toying with adding in some meditation for stress relief and focus.

I am researching the controversial Gary Taubes. Check out this NPR interview with him from 2003. Let's see if he wrote a book.

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