Saturday, February 26, 2011

2/26, day 35 "busy Saturday"

Well, I am getting myself together. Today, I did the work thing and put in 4.3 billable hours, which is pretty good for a Saturday. Then, I grabbed a Blt cobb salad at wendy's with avocado ranch dressing, half size, 7 carbs. It was good ;). I picked up my sister and went to the gym for 45 min of cardio then some resistance training. I am a little sore. When I came home, I made low carb "magic rolls" from md eades' protein power cookbook. They are like popovers and each sizeable roll was only 2.8 g of carbs. Very good but needed more salt. I have been in ketosis for 1.5 weeks. I exercised this week.

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