Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 3 weigh in 2/13/11

Well, this has been a hell of a week. I've been in the hospital with my dad every day, and city stuff went a little haywire on Tuesday, leading to a very public showdown with other members of the administration. It played well, but still produced much anxiety (as if I didn't have enough to start with). Happily, dad's surgery went as expected, and he is recovering well. In the meanwhile, I haven't put the intention and drive into this diet that I have in the past weeks. I didn't cheat this week. However, I didn't do everything i was supposed to, i didn't drink enough water,, i didn't eat leafy greens everyday, and i overindulged on the protein. I actually forgot that the diet required one to eat 2cups of leafy greens everyday. I went back and looked at the book and there it was. One thing that I have noticed is that when my regular schedule is thrown off, such as my being at the hospital all the time, it is hard to get all that water in - i usually just forget to drink until i realize that i am parched, and by then I'm already pretty dehydrated. I should have noticed that I haven't been urinating every 45 minutes to an hour the way that i was when i was guzzling the water in week 1. Also, notably, we did a lot of eating out this week, and its hard to guarantee that what you are eating is as low carb as it seems.

Weigh In
I weighed in this morning at 233.5 lbs. This reflects a weight gain of 2 lbs, for a net weight loss of 8 lbs. Needless to say that i am disappointed a bit, but I have determined what i think i did incorrectly, and i am going to give myself a break because it has been a crazy week. I am also going to give myself a lot of credit for sticking to the diet even when faced with extremely limited food choices and high stress situations, where in the past i would have "treated myself" to a full out pig out. Also, I have not been exercising and i need to do that.

Physical changes i have noticed
I realized this week that i have not had either gas or heartburn since i began this diet. Also, i have never felt sickly over full, as i used to after nearly every meal. My gastro system seems to be working more effectively and healthily without all of the carbs. even though I gained wight this week, i have to say that i feel slimmer than i did last week. I have this persistent impression that my belly fat is melting away. There is some evidence of that in the way that my pants fit. It was so striking this week, that i finally went out and bought a tape measure to record my measurements. I will do those later and update the stats page.

Number 2
Today i had a super poop. I have never seen anything like it. It was fluffy textured, healthy looking, chestnut brown, and unbelievably, approximately 18 inches long. It was like a soft textured snake in the toilet. And my belly wasn't even uncomfortable before i went. Even after i was done, i had absolutely no idea what i had produced. I have literally never seen anything like this in my entire life history of pooping. And I think i pooped last night before bed too. It was bizarre. Where did it come from? I mean i don't think I even ate enough yesterday to supply my body with enough stuff to make it. Wow. I wish i took a picture. It was that crazy.

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