Monday, February 28, 2011

2/28/11, Day 37 "duh"

I realized, after yesterday's frantic post, that I have once again been forgetting to take my HBP meds.  Yesterday afternoon, I took my regular dose.  I drank my regular amount of water.  I peed all day.  I checked my weight this morning, and low and behold, I’m down two pounds from yesterday morning, to 220.5.  Clearly, I retain water unless I take my HBP meds.  I am impatient to get that under control.  The problem: I am starting a new schedule on the weekends, which involves working in the morning(s) and going to the gym.  I’m not showering at the same time and doing the same stuff that I usually do to get ready during the week, so… my routine is off and I keep forgetting to take my meds.  Ugh!!  Must fix routine and figure out how to balance all of my obligations, personal and professional!  Life!!

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