Saturday, May 7, 2011

Still here!

Life is pretty crazy these days. My daughter had surgery on Thursday to remove the tumor in her abdomen....13 long hours for my poor girl. They sent about 100 slices of the tumor to the lab for pathology, but they are pretty sure that the whole thing is going to come back benign, which is, frankly, miraculous. We should know on Monday.

So, surprisingly, hospital cafeteria food is perfect for this diet. I have been having meat/eggs for breakfast and meat/salad for lunch. I am not getting as much water as I usually would, and I have been guzzling coffee, so I am starting to get a little dehydrated, I think. But, I can correct that with some diligence today.

Diabetes update: went to the MD on Wednesday and learned that my oral gtg results indicate that I am at least pre-diabetic. My hba1c is really good though, and so are my random and post -prandial glucose readings. The conclusions, I am insulin resistant, pre-diabetic, but well controlled on my low-carb diet. My fasting glucose continues to be high. So, I am taking 250 mg of metformin at bedtime. The result, this mornings fasting was 100 exactly.
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