Monday, May 2, 2011

Back in ketosis!

Getting back into ketosis ONLY took six days following last Tuesday's oral glucose tolerance test (and cookie catastrophe). In the meanwhile, I've put on some of what I think is mostly water weight. By Friday, I was up to 215!! This morning, back down to 212. I hope to continue the downward trend. I still feel bloated. I read that carb consumption, besides knocking you out of ketosis, can also make you retain water. Bizarre and true story. This was a wedding weekend. Friday we had the rehearsal, Saturday was the main event and Sunday was the brunch. Very fun. My sister, daughter and I were sitting on the sunny patio enjoying brunch when we had a Saturday Night Live moment. This crazy old aunt of the groom started talking, completely unprovoked, about how she had loaded up on diet pills the day of the wedding so that she wouldn't put on weight. Then, whilst shoveling into her face a number of delicious pastries and assorted goodies, crumbs falling on ample bosom, she began to go through some of the diets she had tried recently... "The fruit and water diet", she said. "Hollywood fat flush...I didnt read the directions so I didn't dilute the shake mix". And my favorite, "the tuna fish and beef frank's supposed to keep you satisfied...". Gross. When I asked where she heard about these diets, she replied, "the computer". My sister and I were a little horrified...and that was before she started giving out diet advice. "Diet pills and hot showers", she managed to mumble despite having a mouthful of cherry cheese Danish. Omg. Really? How...healthy. Wary of being a fat person in transition who gives out unsolicited diet advice to strangers in public, I just kept my mouth shut. It was a battle. My sister, who has lost 130 pounds, just nodded. I wanted to suggest the cat food and asparagus diet, but I thought that would be wrong.

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