Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weigh In, Small Cheats, Managing Restaurant Food

Life has been crazy!  I have ignored this blog for quite a while, and I haven't really had the time or the courage to take a look at my weight or measurements since Annie's been in the hospital.  And so here we are, 5 weeks from my last stat check.  The news is pretty good, actually.  Although I'm not in ketosis, and I haven't been for a couple of weeks, my weight is holding pretty steady.  From my last weigh in on April 17, I have lost .5 pounds, 1" from my bust, .5" from my waist, and .5" from my hips. 

It is no great loss, especially spread out over 5 weeks... but I stepped on the scale this morning, expecting to see some gain.  I haven't been drinking the water I should, I haven't been to the gym in 5 weeks, and I've been out of ketosis for a while.  Plus, I keep wanting to cave in and cheat, cheat, cheat - in a really bad way.  Everytime we go out to eat (and we're going out pretty often these days), a part of me thinks, "I can eat that now, and no one will blame me."  So, we went out for Mexican, and I found myself saying to my husband, "Maybe I'll have a margarita."  Luckily, I have a good husband, who looked me in the eye, and said "Don't sabotage your weight loss, Kate."  Ooookay.  Thanks, Pete.  Enough said!  So we compromised.  He got the margarita, and I had three small sips during dinner.  Not completely carb free, but not that bad either, and he only looked a little girly with that frosty drink :)  I have no idea how many carbs three sips of that margarita had, but this is something I've been doing.  I'm flirting with danger.  Last night, I went out with my sister, and had a small bite of her Tollhouse Pie.  OMG.  Really freaking good.  A small bite is better than a big cheat, right?

Confession: I have started eating some fruit.  It is totally not allowed on any induction phase of any low carb WOE that I've studied.   But, something had to give.  I craved sweet, and I haven't been able to make my low carb brownies.  So, I figured that natural and sweet would be better for me than a candy bar.  Hello strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.  About 1 cup per day, floating in about 2 ounces of half and half.  Look - I am pretty sure that I need the antioxidants, and when I get back to real life (out of the damned hospital), I will start being more strict.  At least it is not a horrible cheat.... 1 cup of raw strawberries has 9 net carbs; 1 cup of blackberries has 7 net carbs; and 1 cup of raspberries has 7 net carbs.  So, figure my daily bowl is about 8 grams of carbs or so, probably less than that because I don't actually think that I am getting a full cup of fruit. 

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