Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eating for Your Mitochondria?

I just watched the video of this amazing presentation by Dr. Terry Wahls.  She suffers from MS, and was able to reverse the progression of her symptoms through adherence to a diet that she created. 
You need to see this.

This diet is designed to provide your body with sufficient amounts of the micronutrients that it needs to fuel your neurological system and sustain the myelin sheath which protects your brain.  (MS deteriorates the myelin sheath). 

In short: its all about the brain.

In a nutshell, Dr. Wahls recommends the following diet for brain protection and preservation, and observes that it is essentially a model of what our hunter gatherer ancestors ate eons ago:
  • 3 cups of dark greens daily, including kale and parsley;
  • 3 cups of colorful fruits and vegetables daily, including berries, peppers, peaches;
  • 3 cups of sulfurous vegetabls daily, including onions, broccoli, asparagus, and cabbage;
  • 1 serving of organic, grass-fed beef daily;
  • 1 serving of wild caught fish (not sure if its daily), including herring and salmon;
  • 1 serving of organ meet, weekly, including liver, kidney, "hard tongue" (whatever that is)
The diet is a tall order.  I'm not sure that I can get in 9 cups of veggies every day.  I'm not sure that I've ever eaten kale, although I am going to grab some and play around with it.  Not sure whether you can eat kale in a salad, though, as it seems pretty fibrous and I've only ever seen it cooked.

Anyone have any good kale recipes?

Also, the video contains a number of cites to published literature that is available on pubmed.  I would like to write those down and print them out to review. 

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