Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back on the blog

I'm back.  I couldn't stay away for too long.  Guess what, being a scared mom actually leaves you plenty of free time to sit around and worry.  So, here I am.  Here are some low carb observations that came to me during my crisis.


The first one:


Headgames.  That's what I call it when pre-low carb Kate would negotiate treats with herself, like she was two different people.  Well, I caught myself wanting to drift back into that dual-minded mentality.  Since we've had our medical scare, very sweet, well-meaning people have begun dropping off food at my house.  Literally, one "square" meal per day is left in my porch by this really nice group of ladies that I belong to.  And I'm incredibly touched.  I feel loved.  For real.  However, if I have to be a Debbie Downer (and I do), I will tell you that I have not been able to eat one freaking thing that they brought to my home!  Carb-crazy Kate (as distinguished from regular Kate and evil Kate) has been negotiating like she's a diplomat and it's the Treaty of Ghent up in my house.  Oh, sweet Lord, it has been so hard.  I've had to slap my own hand, yell "down girl!" and firmly remind myself (dual-minded again), that these other Kates don't really exist, and they don't necessarily want what is best for us...I mean, me. 



The second one:


Well, on Tuesday, I had the two-hour oral glucose tolerance test that I've been whining about for a couple of weeks.  Yes.  75 grams of pure glucose in one nasty little bottle of disgusting glucose drink.  Ugh.  Even carb-crazy Kate wanted to hurl up that foul, wretched goo.  I did it though, and three puncture marks later (yes, I look like a heroin fiend), I headed home and was unsurprised to learn that this foray into the devil's drink has taken me out of ketosis.  I have been in ketosis for about 12 weeks.  So – and I am not proud to admit this – I took the opportunity to go ahead and have not one but TWO of these huge, beautiful, buttery, chocolate-chippity chocolate chip cookies that were dropped off at my house on Tuesday.  It was so good.  Y'all… it was too good.  I felt like a fiend, but heroin was not my drug of choice… it was cookies.  I was about 2 seconds away from inhaling that entire tin of 12 cookies.  But, I stopped myself.  There was no trick to it.  I felt the absolute, certain knowledge that once I started, I would not stop… and I was pretty horrified with the mental picture that developed of me shoveling all those carbs (and many more to follow) in my mouth.  No kidding.  I had a millisecond-long talk with myself, slapped carby Kate one more time for good measure, and realized that I just couldn't let myself down again with diet, and I refused to go down that slippery slope (slippery because it is coated with molten chocolate).  I want to be healthy and thin.  I do, I do.  I am on my way. 


The third one:


Good things.  I went to TJ Maxx on Tuesday, after my bad behavior, and picked up some new things.  It was not for the purpose of celebrating my weight loss or return to normalcy.  It was because I don't have any casual clothes that fit, and I still can't find any of the shoes that my husband "organized" right out of my life.  So, I spent $109 and change, and bought myself 3 new pairs of pants, each one a 16 regular, two cute shirts, a pair of leather ballet flats with little rosettes on the toes, and a new blue leather purse (which I got on clearance for a ridiculously low price of $7).  Plus, I got some new handsoap for my bathroom and kitchen, which made me happy.  One is rose water (so yummy), and the other is lemon verbena (sharp and clean smelling).  It was a really good load.  And…. I really needed it.  Phew.  The jeans are life-affirming.  They look good.  It was a great purchase because I saw my butt, and it looketh nice (if you're into juicy booties).  And I was suddenly glad that I did not eat that entire tray of cookies.  So glad, in fact, that I invited my family over for dinner and they ate all of that stuff I can't eat, including the cookies.


The fourth one:

No sugar added chocolate sundae at Friendly's.  So, my kid wanted to go to Friendly's last night for ice cream, and who can refuse a little kid who has to go in for surgery next week?  I sure can't.  So, we loaded up in the car and headed over to Friendly's, and I ordered a cup of coffee.  Enh.  I asked if they had the nutritional information for their no sugar added vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.  They did NOT have it in the store.  Luckily, my sister whipped out her I-phone and looked it up for me.  I'm not sure exactly how they do their math, but I'm pretty sure it is low-carb enough to eat.  Check this out:

The ice cream has 11 grams of carbs, 3 grams of dietary fiber and 5 grams of sugar alcohols…  So, I'm pretty sure that means that it is either 8 grams of carbs, or 3 grams per serving.  I'm guessing that it has 3 grams per serving, because its mostly just dairy and fake sugar.

The chocolate sauce has 25 grams of carbs, 2 grams of dietary fiber, and 21 grams of sugar alcohols.  So, again, that means its either 23 grams of carbs, or 2 grams of carbs.

I added sliced roasted almonds.  Just 1 carb.

It was so good.  My guess, the carb count was 6 for the happy-ending sized sundae.  I hope.  I'm going to email Friendly's and figure out what's up with that / how you count the sugar alcohols.  Because, I'd love to do this again next week.  (Down girl!!)  I think I'm safe



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