Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weighing In... and Thinking Myself Thin? (The Gabriel Method)

Today was weigh in.  After a serious meat fest last night at our favorite BBQ joint, I was dreading said weigh in.  However, it turns out that I had nothing to fear, for I somehow managed to accomplish a 2 pound weight loss this week, for a total of 23.5 pounds lost to date, or approximately 29% of my weight loss goal.  Yesitty, yes, yes, yes!

I started something new this week.  I'm still doing low-carb... so never fear.  However, I happened to be in Borders two weeks ago with my sister, and I picked up a bargain book, "The Gabriel Method", by Jon Gabriel.  It was a $1 book.  Essentially, it is about thinking yourself thin.  The premise is that, for fat people, our brains/bodies want us to be fat.  There are various reasons why this might be, and it all goes back to our prehistoric ancestors, who stored fat during times of famine/scarcity and cold temperatures.  Today's human no longer has to worry about famine and cold so much.  However, the same fat-storing reaction may be provoked by modern-day woes, like financial worries, working for a terrible boss, living through some trauma, etc.  So, if you are a modern day fat human, your body is storing fat because you have unresolved issues.  Jon Gabriel wants to help you get to the bottom of your unresolved issues, so that your brain stops telling your body to store fat.  Included with this book is a free, downloadable MP3 that you can obtain from Jon Gabriel's website (if you have the password, which I do).  This MP3 is a 10-minute visualization exercise that involves relaxation, soothing sounds, some hypnosis-type stuff, and positive reinforcement, designed to teach your brain that "it is okay to be thin... it is safe to be thin."  Is it a little nutty?  Sure.  But for $1, it was worth the try.  Check out his website, and let me know what you think.  I am going to stick with it, and maybe the fat really will melt off my body like never before.  In any event, it really helps me settle down to sleep :)

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