Friday, March 25, 2011

3/25/11: Daily Weighing is Dangerous and I Need Fiber

So, I weighed myself yesterday, and again today. I can feel myself slip-sliding back into a daily weighing pattern. I have learned the hard way that daily weighing is dangerous and can crush your spirits! Plus, most of us yo-yo back and forth most days 1-2 pounds, and daily weighing isn't necessarily representative of your actual weight loss, your metabolic activity, or how hard you are working on your diet and exercise. But... when you start to feel that things are going well, it is soooo tempting to toe up to that scale. "I wonder if I lost even more today," is my thought. I know that I shouldn't, because I will be disappointed if I have put that 2.5 pounds back on, but I don't care. I've got a feeling I've had a "woosh" weight loss moment, and I want to know right NOW...I don't want to wait until weigh-in on Sunday!!!

Today, same as yesterday, just as I was having those thoughts, something fell out of my cabinet, landed on the electronic scale and turned it on. Yesterday it was my hairbrush. Today, my makeup bag. Am I just sloppy and my cabinet messy and overfull? Or is it divine intervention telling me, "do it Kate, weigh yourself now!" (Funny, that divine voice sounds just like my own, pound-obsessed voice). Is it a friendly, weight-conscious spirit? Are we having earthquakes or tremors in Connecticut? Is my butt so generously proportioned that I make the room shake when I walk?

Anyway, I decided to go with divine intervention, and stepped up to the scale. "Get out of town," I said aloud. Down another 1.5 pounds from the same time yesterday morning. That's four pounds since last Sunday. All this from a girl stuck in a plateau for-freaking-ever, who hasn't been to the gym since Sunday??!! Is my body listening? Is God listening? Are you there God? Its me, Kate.

216.5 - lightest I've been since I went to law school in 2002, nine years ago!!

Proof that God exists and loves us? I'm going to have to start my new branch of philosophy, y'all.

On another note, I need more fiber. I'm out of psyllium husk supplements, and I'm getting uncomfortable. I get so much dietary fiber that I can't believe that 2 caplets a day of this stuff makes a difference... but it undeniably does.

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