Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Patellar tendinopathy and me

Today I went to the MD because wanted to check on my knee following my "club kid" knee injury, sustained at my aunts 40th birthday party. Turns out I have jumpers knee, and she is sending me to physical therapy. On the up side, it sounds like a sporty type of injury, which is something that fat people love! During my appointment my MD noted my weight loss from the last time that i was there - 15 pounds from mid january. And my bp was really good - 108/78. Yummy notes: We had some yummy homemade Thai green curry with pork, peppers and broccoli. It was killer. Surprisingly low carb too. I learned that palm sugar, which is an ingredient in curry, has only 3 carbs per tablespoon. I think that is pretty good, considering it tastes better than brown sugar, which has 15.5 g of carbs per tablespoon. Good substitute!

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