Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Excellent article about fat and nutrition by Whitney Provost from

The Best Fats to Get Lean, By Whitney Provost (

In this article, Ms. Provost talks about how it is healthy to include fat in your diet, and that eating fat helps you lose fat.  She cites a 2008 study performed at Ben-Gurion University, evidencing that people (especially women) who follow low-fat diets lose less weight than those who follow low-carb or moderate-fat diets.  She notes the important role fat plays in controlling blood sugar, and reducing the amount of fat your body stores after eating meals.  

Ms. Provost recommends that you eat the right kind of fat to get fit.  This means avoiding saturated and transfats, and choosing monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.  She identifies five sources of fat that can help you reach your weight goal, including: (1) fatty fish like salmon; (2) heart healthy oils like olive oil; (3) avocados (noting that "scientists...found that more antioxidants were absorbed when people ate a salad containing avocados than when they ate a salad without this tasty fruit"); (4) nuts; and (5) flaxseeds.

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