Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday 3/5/11 - gym, cookery, goin' out!

So, this morning I got up and went to the gym.  I did week 1, day 1 of the race training and boy, was it hard.  Its not my cardio, either - jogging is physically uncomfortable!  My feet hurt.  What's that all about?  Maybe I need to get some new sneaks, or put in some arch supports.  I'm going to go to the runner's shoe store near me and see what they say about it.  Hope they're open on a Sunday.  I'll hit it on my way to the office tomorrow.

I spent a lot of the day cooking.  I did cupcake-sized mini quiches with bacon, broccoli and cheddar for breakfast this week.  The recipe made 12 quiches, which I froze.  I also made some bigos - polish "hunter's style" sauerkraut with pork, kielbasa and bacon.  It is so good, and sooo perfect for a low carb diet, but you gotta like cabbage (and I do!!).  I've also got some of my controversial chili, which I defrosted and will incorporate into my diet this week.  I would have left it alone, but my dad had a hankering for a chili dog, and I could only defrost the entire thing of chili, not bits at a time, so there you go...

Tonight I'm going out for my aunt's 40th birthday.  Yahoo. I went shopping yesterday, and bought myself a new skirt - size 16 regular.  That's down from an 18W, and its freaking fantastic.  I'm wearing it out tonight with some boots and a black tee.  I'll be very monochromatic.  Maybe even a little goth.  We're going to bar for a drag show, but before that, we're going to a totally normal restaurant for dinner...  so I can't go all out!!

Disclosure!  I plan on having 1-2 drinks tonight.  I will be very careful with what I eat, and I'll stick with low-carb drinks, too.  But there will be alcohol involved!

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