Sunday, March 20, 2011

End of week eight - weigh in 3/20/11

I so wanted to hit 217 pounds today.  That is the number I’ve been looking for, for
WEEKS!  Instead, my weight remains unchanged, though my measurements continue to shrink.  Am I building LBM and losing fat simultaneously?  This is a possibility.   I am ready for a 4 pound weight loss.  Ugh!!  I can’t get out of the 220s, and it is really getting on my nerves!  From last week, I lost .25 inches around my neck, .5 inches from my bust, .5 inches from my waist, and .5 inches from my hips.  My clothes fit better.  Slow and steady… too slow and steady!!   All that I can say is…thank God I’ve been doing the measurements.  I would be so disappointed by this point without them showing, at least, some fat loss every week.  Maybe I need to get a device that measures BMI.  Some calipers?  Ugh!!

What's the deal?  I'm in ketosis all the time.  I eat low carb.  I exercise regularly.  My only folly is that I have the occasional glass or two of wine when I go out.  Is that enough to mess with my weight loss? 

This week, alcohol free for me.

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