Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My clothes don't fit!!?? 3/2/11

Typically, I wear business appropriate separates with blouses or a sweater to the office, and I keep a black jacket there just in case I meet with a client or end up learning at the last minute that I have to be at court. I only wear suits occasionally, usually once every 2-3 weeks.  I haven’t had to wear a suit since I began this diet on January 23rd. 

This morning, I was trying to find a suit to wear for court this afternoon.  I picked out my favorite pantsuit and a blouse.  The pants bagged at the waist and thighs, and looked like clown wear.  The jacket was very loose.  On to my next favorite pantsuit.  Same deal.  I spent at least 10 minutes trying on every pantsuit that I had in my closet, and the pants were all too big. 

I ended up grabbing a black skirt and jacket from the back of the closet where I keep my tight-fitting clothes that I don’t want to donate just yet.  The skirt and jacket aren’t tight fitting at all, and they fit just perfectly. 

Holy shit….am I seeing more concrete proof of my weightloss?

I am down at least one dress size, all of a sudden.  I was an uncomfortable 18W last time I wore those clothes, now they are too big to wear, and I’m back to sporting 16W clothes with ease. 

The best part, I went downstairs, and put on my wool overcoat, which always fits too tightly when I have on a suit, and I rarely button it.  Today, I buttoned it over my suit and I had plenty of wiggle room throughout. 

I got compliments on my outfit this morning.  I am so pleased, and I can’t wait to go through my closet and see what else does not fit.

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