Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ketosis and Blood Glucose - more questions than answers

The diet is going well.  I'm still in ketosis.  What is interesting is that I've been checking my blood glucose regularly, as my doctor recommended, and I have found that my morning blood glucose readings are higher when I eat certain foods later in the previous evening… I'm talking about my amazing low-carb brownies and/or truffles, which I really enjoy!  I've experimented.  Last night, I had 3 low carb truffles, which total about 6 net carbs, at around 9:30 p.m.  My blood glucose at 11 p.m. was 108.  This morning, at 6 a.m., my blood glucose was 133.  When I eat a savory, as opposed to sweet, snack in the evening, my sugar is at more acceptable levels the next morning.  Faux-sweet evening snacks that are low carb appear to drive up my morning blood sugar.  The same brownie, if eaten for breakfast (because frankly it has a lot of dietary fiber, protein and fat, and some caffeine, and I like it for breakfast), fills me up, satisfies, and does not make my blood glucose shoot up.


I'm a little surprised, frankly, that my blood glucose levels are on the high side of the normal range.  How does that happen on this kind of diet?  Also, how does low blood glucose happen on this diet?  It is not rare for me to have a blood glucose reading of 68 mg/dl at around 4 p.m. (probably the product of having a super-compliant low carb lunch, like salad with a scoop of tuna and some hard boiled eggs).  Shouldn't this diet, and being in ketosis, work to keep my blood glucose on an even keel throughout the day (so as to keep my insulin consistent, i.e., no spikes, which then turns my glucose into lipid and stores it)?


How do I keep my glucose consistent and on the lower side of the normal range?  I am worried about my fasting glucose.


Why didn't I pursue a career in endocrinology?!  I would know the answers to these questions by now!!

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