Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ketosis breath

Oof.  This morning, I have a serious metallic mouth taste going on, and I'm burping up K-breath like nobody's business.  I didn't measure ketones this morning (because I was in a hurry and forgot), but I've got to be putting out more ketones than I was yesterday. 


I'm onto my fourth glass of water right now, so I'm a little more hydrated than I usually am at this time of the day.  Drinking a lot of water dilutes your urine, which results in a lighter ketostix result.  I don't think that hydration would have the same effect upon the other markers of ketosis, i.e., my breath, or that metallic mouth taste.  It is strange, because I haven't had that metallic mouth taste in a while. 


Let's talk about food.


Yesterday, I had a hard boiled egg for breakfast, some leftover stuffed eggplant for lunch, and grilled steak (horseradish sauce) and shrimp with buttered broccoli for dinner (that's about 10 ounces of meat, folks).  Last night, about 2 hours after we got home, I needed to eat – it wasn't hunger, but I felt that I needed food ASAP – it wasn't even like a craving.  My belly had room, and my body needed food.  The "eat now alarm" was screaming at me (the one I get before I get heady and woozy).  It was bizarre, because I had eaten plenty that evening.  So, I ate.  First, I ate 1 low carb brownie (2.5 g carbs).  I waited 10 minutes to see how I felt.  "Eat more" said my brain.  Then I ate one mozzarella cheese stick.  I waited again, same response.  Then, I had another low carb brownie.  Waited, same response.  Then, I ate about an ounce or two of sliced pepperoni, and sucked down a can of seltzer water.  I can't say that I was satisfied, but the alarm stopped sounding, and I went to bed.  I checked my ketones last night before bed, and I was in ketosis – "deeper" than I had been that morning, despite my late night eating.


My meal time food choices were really good yesterday.  Very low carb, high fat, full o' protein… good ketosis-inducing and -maintaining foods.  I'm consciously increasing my intake of saturated fats from healthy sources.  By 9 p.m. last night, I definitely felt that I had run through all of the energy produced by that food.  I feel like I've jump started my metabolism.  Today, my energy is good.  My headache is absent (as it was yesterday).  I can focus better.  I feel positive-minded.  I am starting to believe that I've been missing the right kinds of fat in my diet, and that things will get better now that I'm conscious of this issue and working to resolve it. 


What would I change about yesterday?  Well, I'm glad that I listened to my internal alarm.  However, I think I could have made better food choices to silent that alarm.  If this happens again, I will drink water and eat some cheese, almonds or meat, first and second, if necessary. 


Although these brownies are low-carb and contain good fats and lots of flaxseed meal, they are made with artificial sweeteners and I don't want to take in too much of that stuff.  Also, they are full of caffeine (from the chocolate), and other things that make you feel good (again…from chocolate, God's gift to us humans), and I'm pretty sure that they are physiologically addictive (no joke…I'm jonesing for one right now).  And, well, they are a dessert.  My instinct is to feel guilty about eating dessert.  Should I feel bad?

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