Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Calling all curvaceous chicas and shapely sirens!

Today is a skinny day, thanks to my fashion friend and newest transitional wardrobe acquisition: Chico's Metro Wide Leg Pant! 

This was a splurge-worthy purchase.  With beautiful lines, including a barely-there waist (who needs all that detail at your mid-section) and wide-but-not-too-wide legs (which helps to balance out a juicier booty and/or what remains of your ever-shrinking belly), these comfortable trousers are super slimming.  I am currently wearing a size 3 short (that's on a 5'6" woman with long torso, who usually wears a 16R).

Paired with a black tank and black heels for a long, continuous line from neck to toe (makes you look taller and slimmer), and a comfy jacket or sweater (opened, of course, to preserve that long line), it is one hot look!

Check out Chico's online, and view these affordably priced wide leg trousers that just happen to be on sale (here, here and here). 

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