Friday, September 16, 2011

So Close You Can Taste It

I know that my weight should not matter.  The true barometer of how successful I am with my LCHF lifestyle is how I feel, the way that my clothes fit, and my ever improving waist/hip ratio.  Weight is just another number, and it is not necessarily indicative of how healthy I am.  That being said...
When I first started this experiment in LCHF back in January, I weighed in at 231.5 pounds. 
Truthfully, that was a surprise for me , because I had consistently weighed in at 236 pounds for years.  236 was and is a significant number.  It remains my highest non-pregnant weight.  It was my default weight when I just didn't care what I was eating or whether I got any exercise at all. 

This is what I weighed at times in my life when I huffed and puffed going upstairs, got dizzy bending over to tie my shoes, bemoaned my muffin top, and had no energy to do things with my family after work and on weekends.  It was an unhealthy weight, and reflected an unhealthy lifestyle.  236 was a number written on a brick that paved the path to type 2 diabetes, heart disease and maybe even cancer.  I believe that LCHF is my ticket to a better, healthier life. 

Now, several months after starting LCHF, I feel better.  My labs, including metabolic panel, lipid profile, fasting glucose and HBA1C, have all drastically improved since January.  I have energy.  I am free from the post-prandial carb slump.  I have left food cravings and fear of food addiction well behind me.  My skin is clearer.  I sleep better.  I can bend over without feeling woozy.  I look healthy.  I have dropped at least 3 clothing sizes.  The muffin top is melting like butter, and the lack of pooch over my pant waist often surprises me. 
This morning, I weighed in at 201.5.  Now, don't get me wrong: I am happy that I've lost exactly 30 pounds doing LCHF.  But, in my mind, 200 is the real milestone - the one that counts.  I just can't wait until that scale reads 199 or lower.  Oh, to be out of the 200s! 
When I look at the weight I've lost, it feels almost miraculous.  I never thought I would be smaller than 236, and there were certainly plenty of times when I thought a realistic goal was just to not get heavier than I was.  30 pounds.  Wow. 
But, does it have to come off one tiny bit at a time? **whine**  I need a whoosh weight loss moment right about now - just one quick, 4 pound weight loss to send me where I want to be. 
This up and down - 1 pound up then 1.5 pounds down - "thing" is supremely frustrating.

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