Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weigh in 3/27/11 - no alcohol this week, weight loss.

Today, I weighed in at 216.5 lbs.  This week, I lost 4 lbs, -.25" neck, -.5" bust, -.25" waist, and -1" hips. 

Since I began this WOE on January 16, I've lost a total of 15 lbs, -.5" neck, -.25" wrist, -4" bust, -4.75" waist, -4.5" hips.  This weight loss reflects me being at 18.75% of my weight loss goal.  My blood pressure is lower than its been, and I feel great.

I am happy with these results so far, although looking back at my stats, I hovered at 220 for more than 3 weeks from 3/6 - 3/20.  What do those weeks have in common?  Let's look back at my food journal, shall we?  The answer: alcohol consumption.  My aunt's birthday one Saturday, my birthday the next Saturday, happy hour and wine the following Friday and Saturday.  Not very much alcohol consumption (and none of it very high-carb) in the big picture, but there seems to be a correlation.  This week: not one drop of alcohol and a "woosh" 4 lb weight loss.  I'm going to noodle this one out and see if I can come up with some science to explain what's up.

I've got to get myself to the gym today.  This week was a tough one.  I did go with my daughter, on Thursday evening, to a kids gym and run around with her for 45 minutes, and get my cardio up.  Then, on Saturday, we went bowling, and that was some activity at least.  Today, my goal is to get my fitness on.

Ooookay.  Naked toddler interruption.  Time to do the mommy thing. :)

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