Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Intermittent Fasting - Day 3 (Eat)

I started eating last night at 6:30 p.m., as planned. I would be pretty impressed with my willpower, except the hunger dissipated once I left the office, strangely enough. I think that my hunger combined with being very ready to leave work at around 4, and left me desperate. I drove home, picked up my daughter at daycare, brought her home and made her a snack, then sat on the couch with her as she ate it and we watched a cartoon and talked about our days. It was not hard at all to restrain myself from snatching the cheese-its away from my kid.

We went out for dinner at 6, ordered our food at 6:15, and started eating at exactly 6:30. It was very well timed. I ordered a veggie salad with blue cheese, plucked off the croutons, and dove in. It was great. I expected to feel immense satisfaction, like I was finally filling my belly with the sustinence it craved. There was no such sensation. I felt totally normal. Unexpectedly, I didn't feel desperate to fill my face as I ate and I wasn't hungrier than I would usually be at dinner time. I ate all of my salad (minus croutons), then finished my 10 wings and celery. I felt comfortably full, not stuffed. This feeling continued throughout the evening. I observed that, now that I could eat, I really didn't feel the need to. I had little interest in my usual late night snacking activities. At about 9, I grabbed some left over meat from the fridge to nosh on – not because I was hungry, but because it was in the fridge, I knew it, and thought I'd like some. I took a couple of bites, but wasn't interested in it. I still felt pretty full, and was sure I wouldn't feel well if I finished it. So, I threw the rest of it away.

I had a bacon and cheddar omelet at 7:30 this morning, with a cup of coffee (cream, too). It was good, it was filling. I am still full.

I'm not disappointed that I'm not hungrier during the eat period, just a little surprised. I thought that after yesterday, I would want to eat more throughout the day than usual. I don't. In fact, I am not interested in snacking at all.

My desire to eat has definitely decreased from the norm.

I plan on going forward with Day #4, and start my fasting at 6:30 tonight (I am going to stick with 6:30 to keep consistent 24 hour periods) and continue on through 6:30 tomorrow.

If I have any other observations about Day #3, I'll throw them out there. But, "eat day" is a pretty normal day for me, so I don't expect too much to happen.
I do feel a little different, GI-wise (my schedule is a little off), but I'll save comment on that for later.

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