Thursday, June 16, 2011

Intermittent Fasting - Day 4 Update (Fast Day)

Okay, it is 12:30, and I’m not hungry.  That means that I am 18 hours into my 24 hour fasting period, with none of Tuesday’s discomfort.  I still have 6 hours left to go, so who knows what will happen.

Here are some observations on the difference between this fasting period and the previous fasting period:
  • Its early in the day yet, so I haven’t reached the same point I did on Tuesday, at about 3, when I thought I would poke someone’s eye out.  I could still repeat Tuesday’s symptoms.
  • I didn’t push myself to eat more food yesterday night at dinner, right before I began the fast at 6:30 p.m., as I had on Monday, prior to the first fast period.  Notably, one article I read indicated that loading up on food prior to starting a fast is counterproductive because it causes hormonal imbalance and the body’s reaction is increased hunger.
  • I am busier today, so I am not thinking about food, as I had been fixating on it on Tuesday.
  • I am drinking unsweetened, decaf iced coffee today.  It has a heavier taste, and the coffee itself is French vanilla flavored.  I wonder if drinking flavored stuff tricks you into thinking you are getting calories, when you are really not.
  • I am wearing a belted dress today, which is somewhat constricting.  Maybe that helps decrease the desire to eat.  I don’t know. 
  • Today, I am slightly asthmatic and getting a little wheezier as the day progresses.  It is distracting, too. 

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