Friday, June 10, 2011

WANTED: your tips to help achieve my 3 week weight loss challenge!

There are exactly 21 days that separate us from Friday, July 1, 2011. In the next three weeks, I am challenging myself to get below my next milestone of 200 pounds.

I've lost about 23 pounds since starting this blog. If you count my pre-blog weight loss of about 4 pounds in early January (when I was casually trying but not committed to low carb), I'm guessing that I now weigh approximately 27 pounds less than I did. Oh, would I like to make it a round 35!!!

My incentive: this is the date that I travel with my husband and daughter to visit my in-laws for their annual Fourth of July bash. I haven't seen some of my husband's family since Christmas… before I started strictly low-carbing and keeping this blog. How I would like to be just that much slimmer when I see those people again (how vain and prideful of me!!)...

I can do eight pounds in three weeks. I need some tips though. Here what I'm currently doing:

  • Keeping the carbs below 40/day (usually in the 30/day range, but sometimes a little higher if I eat berries);
  • Exercising about twice/week – 30 minutes cardio (usually elliptical), then resistance training with weight machines for about 15 minutes; and
  • Evening mediation/weight loss visualization, using Jon Gabriel's free MP3 on his website,

Thoughts about what I should add/change:
  • I know that I need to drink more water and cut down on stress.
  • Also, I'm drinking about 2 cups caffeinated coffee per day – do you think that needs to be cut down/eliminated?
  • Also - what about fasting? Does anyone know of a good low-carb fast that might do the trick?
  • Should I up the exercise, or tweak what I'm doing?
  • Any low-carb foods that should be avoided at this time (artificial sweeteners, nuts, cheese, etc.)?

I am really thinking about doing the Atkins Fat Fast

Any help you can offer would be awesome! Thanks!!!


  1. Hey there Kate!

    I've tried to post a comment a few times, but it never seems to show up. Maybe this'll be the one that gets through. *crosses fingers*

    1st of all, I'm thrilled that your family is doing better, and especially your little girl!

    As for pointers, I don't know that I'm so good with that, but what normally works exercise for me is more weight resistance, whether it's body weights or dumbells or whatever. Before my wedding I lost 8 lbs not changing anything, but adding a full body weight training day 2-3 times a week for an hour. I did a weight class like powerflex where I work. I lost inches too, which is much more important. =) I would keep the cardio just for conditioning, maybe add a sprint or 2 during your 30 min workouts.

    The fat fast that your doing sounds fasinating. I've never read the Atkins stuff, but I went over the links you added. Funny, but some of the stuff I already turned into snacks. Like the pork rinds with french onion dip. They are my go to crunch/"junk" food at the moment. I hope that works for you! Have you thought about the egg fast that was tried by Dana Carpender over at

    Also, I would never give up caffeine! But it may work for you. If you think so, there's no harm in trying. I can't wait to read about your experience.


  2. Thanks, Bethany. Good ideas. I've been noodling about investing in a personal trainer to make my workouts more effective. I will try your suggestions. :)



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