Wednesday, June 22, 2011

There was no chicken at my rubber chicken dinner.

Last night, I went to a legal seminar. It was held in a conference room at one of our local casinos - which is about an hour plus drive from my office. So, I left work at 4:30 to get to the seminar for 6. Food was included. I assumed (ass -u - me) that it would have the standard rubber chicken fare. My bad. There was a chaffing dish of ziti and a chaffing dish of angel hair pasta, and two bubbling mini-cauldrons of creamy pesto sauce and puttanesca sauce. Served with bread and butter. No salad! No meat! Oh my God - it was carbstravaganza up in there. It was just awful. I had to eat something, lest the people at my table (one actual client, some potential clients) look at me strangely (try being the only person at the table not eating in a business scenario). Plus, I was starving, not having eaten for the previous 7 hours. So, I took one for the team. I had about 8 little zitis, with a little creamy pesto and a lot of parm. No bread. Just enough food so that I could clean my plate and not have a full out panic attack of low-carb conscience. Seriously, though. Pasta I can understand... but no meat of any kind, and no SALAD? Have you ever been to a buffet without a salad option? Ridiculous!

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