Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A New Start

Alright, friends.  Today is Wednesday, August 3rd, and it marks the beginning of a new start for me. 
The scale this morning showed 213 pounds.  Some of that is water weight from a moderate-carb diet during pregnancy that I should lose pretty quickly if I am low-carb compliant for a while.  The rest...well, I didn't overdo it over the weekend, but I certainly didn't avoid no-no foods...
I'm working on getting back into ketosis.  No grains.  No starchy vegetables (last night I enjoyed my last sweet potato for a while).  No fruit (gulp) until I'm closer to my weight goal and out of induction.
This morning, I started off the day right with two eggs over easy and a sausage link, accompanied by a cup of coffee with a touch of cream.
I am going to reincorporate intermittent fasting - 1 x 24 hour fast per week - starting next week.  This week, there may be some low-carb conversion unpleasantness, so I'm going to go easy on the physical demands.
Are you restarting low-carb?  Do you have a plan for getting back on track?  Just beginning this way of life?  I'd love to hear your thoughts, and if you've been through a restart, maybe some tips on what worked for you.  In the meanwhile, if you ARE in the same boat as I am, check out these 2 great posts by Dr. Michael Eades: Tips & Tricks for Starting or Restarting Low Carb - Part I and Tips & Tricks for Starting or Restarting Low Carb - Part II.  (Hint: eat lots and lots of fat).

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