Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Do You Do With All that Sugar You're Not Eating?

Well, ladies and gentlemen,
there is some argument that you should smush it on your face and rub 'til your skin is shiny and new.  No one EVER said your skin care regimen had to be LCHF, now did they??!!
Check out these recipes from this great website that I found:
And hey, if you've already cleaned out your pantry of all of the above sweet carby stuff, have no fear, because you can make beauty booty out of LCHF ingredients you probably have lying around, including coconut products and various oils that are likely in your cabinet.
I confess to trying this sweetly au naturel way to keep my face fresh.  I just started washing my face with honey in the morning and using the oil cleansing method to cleanse it at night.  Will keep you posted ;)

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